e-Mental Health in Practice

E-mental health is services, programs or applications that may be self-driven or involve real time or delayed interaction with a clinician or other support person.

E-mental health services and programs allow Australians to access mental health information and support at any time and from any place. Practitioners can use e-mental health programs and services to support and aid their delivery of mental health and wellbeing services to their clients.

eMHPrac will focus on e-mental health promotion, training and support with:

General Practitioners

Led by Black Dog Institute

Allied Health Practitioners

Including psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, mental health nurses and practice nurses.

Led by the Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University

Service Providers working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in:

Northern Territory – led by Menzies School of Health Research

Northern NSW – led by University Centre for Rural Health (North Coast, The University of Sydney)

Far North Queensland – led by Queensland University of Technology

The eMHPrac objectives are to engage health professionals in use of e-mental health by:

  • Increasing awareness, knowledge and positive attitudes
  • Building confidence and self-efficacy
  • Provision of training in use of e-mental health
  • Provision of workforce support in the use of e-mental health
  • Provision of advice to the government on the most effective ways to support e-mental health
Our Objectives